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  1. Finally warm enough to test fly my Pacific Aeromodel 27% Gee Bee Senior Sportster. It has a Saito
    60 cc 3 cylinder gas 4 stroke radial for power swinging a 22X 8 Zoar prop. An absolute delight to fly.
    Breaks ground in less than 50 feet. Half throttle is plenty for most maneuvers. It has the shock absorbing gear which makes landings really sweet. No pictures yet. Norm
  2. Hi One and all: New member to this group but not to giant scale planes. I've had ( yeh, had) a Byrons Original Beech Stagger that lost the windshield in flight which totally destroyed the airflow over the tail. So now I have a Jodel Robin with a G62 that came to me in a round about way. I also just acquired a Pacific Aeromodel Gee Bee Y Senior Sportster of 97 inch wingspan. It will have a Saito G60 3 cylinder radial ( out of the Beech). The gear is the shock absorbing one. Just waiting for warmer weather to finish the engine mounting.
    I fly out of the Tri County field in Dunnellon, Florida. We hold 4 events per year. Big bird in March, all electric in June, Chuck Yeager warbird in September and Santa fly in in December.