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Rolling Rebound

Discussion in 'How To- 3D Flying and Aerobatics Flying' started by SteveW, May 25, 2014.

  1. SteveW

    SteveW New to GSN!

    Just cant seem to get these to look right.
    I am happy doing rolling harriers but when changing from left to right rolling harriers how do I get that rebound effect ?
    I have tried all sorts of stick actions as I change rolling direction but still cant seem to get that bounce effect.
    3D Magician Kyle Wosh' does them like he's got springs in the wings :)
  2. As you mentioned, transitioning from right to left will have a slightly greater "bounce" due to torque.

    Generally in harrier rolls, most people tend to try and fly them too slowly. In order for the "bounce" as you call it to work and look right, you need solid airflow over the ailerons. This can be done by simply increasing airspeed, or with a solid blip of the throttle as you mentioned.

    Also worth mentioning although it may seem obvious...make sure you have an airplane with large ailerons, and a good amount of control deflection (large surface with 35 degrees of deflection at least, depending on the airframe type).

    If you can see between these two videos, the "bounce" is greater with the H9 Yak. It had much larger control surfaces and a little more deflection than the H9 Extra.


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