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Help! Photo copied cockpits and instruments?

A few years back I found some articles on photocopying instruments and cockpits and transferring them into our models.
I've been searching the forums for this info and have lost the files I once had.
Does anyone know where to find info or picture files on this?


New to GSN!
I go on google and look up cockpit panels for the plane I am working on
Then switch Images. Pick out the one I want
Print it B & W. or Color make it the size you need


Several manufacturers feature details of the equipment in each model:

Several companies show completed cockpit upgrades of their customers' aircraft:

As well as feature images of the manufacturer's products they stock:

The challenge is finding the preferred style of panel and adjusting it to right size for the scale of your model.

Additional sources:
Aircraft Spruce panel builder: http://www.aircraftspruce.com/panelbuilder.php
Chief Aircraft: http://www.chiefaircraft.com/avionics