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Convair F2Y Sea Dart | American Seaplane Fighter Aircraft

Discussion in 'R/C Videos and Pictures' started by dominicm, Aug 4, 2021.

  1. dominicm

    dominicm 70cc twin V2

    Sharing video of the first water trials of this amazing 1:4 scale twin turbine powered Convair Sea Dart created by The Little Jet Company.

    The Convair F2Y Sea Dart was an American seaplane fighter aircraft that rode on twin hydro-skis during takeoff and landing. It flew only as a prototype, and never entered mass production. It is the only seaplane to have exceeded the speed of sound.

    It was created in the 1950s, to overcome the problems with supersonic planes taking off and landing on aircraft carriers. The program was canceled after a series of unsatisfactory results and a tragic accident on 4 November 1954, in which test pilot Charles E. Richbourg was killed when the Sea Dart he was piloting disintegrated in midair. The four surviving planes were retired in 1957, but some were kept in reserve until 1962.

    In this first video you will see the Sea Dart on the water and accelerate to a fast taxi for the first time. Video of the second test is coming very soon!

    Length (including pitot tube): 5 meters
    Power: Twin JetCat P300s
    Guidance: Jeti Radio
    Electronics: MKS servos on Flight controls. Savox waterproof servos on Water Rudder.
    Weight: 100 kgs with fuel

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  2. [​IMG]
  3. dominicm

    dominicm 70cc twin V2

    Day 2 of water trials of this amazing project with commentary from Alex Jones of The Little Jet Company.

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  4. That's a pretty fancy boat. :)

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