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Campaign Statements

Discussion in 'AMA and FAA Discussions' started by GSNadmin, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. GSNadmin

    GSNadmin Staff Member

  2. ChickenBalls

    ChickenBalls "Cool Guy"

    - Frank Tiano (Head of Frank Tiano Enterprises,
    and promoter of large R/C events such as Top Gun, Florida Jets, etc.)
    Campaign Statement:

    I’m just a regular guy who’s been blessed with making a living from the Hobby / Sport that I love so dearly! If you’re interested, my story is probably not far different than most of yours. I learned to fly RC in ‘72 and by 1974 was a frequent contestant in the many pattern and scale contests held up and down the East Coast.

    Sometime around 1973 I started writing for Flying Models magazine, and by 1976 was doing contributing articles for many other magazines as well. I’ve been fortunate to have been published in Radio Control Modeler (RCM), Model Airplane News (MAN), Flying Models, Model Aviation, RC Report, Scale RC Modeler and Fly RC Magazine.

    In 1979, I formed an alliance with House of Balsa and Robart Mfg. and we called ourselves “Sticky Group International”. Together we introduced a product called ZAP, a form of super glue, for the modeling industry. That product line still thrives today.

    In the late 80’s I found myself wishing for just a little “more” from scale competitions. In 1989 I started a scale competition event, hoping to bring worldwide attention to aero modeling. My vision to this end would be called Top Gun; an invitational event supported by the industry, featuring some of the most talented builders and skilled RC pilots in the world. I’m very fortunate. Top Gun has been a phenomenal success, much to make the public aware of how exciting and fun modeling can be. Based on the success and popularity of Top Gun, I used the same formula to start other events: Florida Jets, 12 O’Clock High and Red Flag. One of these events, Florida Jets, has become one of the largest, non-competitive, jet-togethers in the world.

    In addition, my company, FTE, has donated cash and prizes to many AMA-sanctioned events throughout the U.S.A. I have been instrumental in developing the AMA prize program at their annual trade show and have featured their presence at both Top Gun and Florida Jets.

    Because of the experience gained in both the Hobby Business and Directing 4 huge modeling events, for almost 40 years, I believe I am more than qualified to be your new AMA President. I have been an AMA Contest Director for 28 years, an Associate VP in District 5, I am a Leader Member, an Experimental Aircraft Inspector aa well as a member of the AMA Hall of Fame. I know I have the Right Stuff to get the job done, meaning; to facilitate what the membership really wants. I feel I can be instrumental in helping to streamline some AMA procedures, cut some waste, without sacrificing service and make the organization one that people will be proud to say they are a member of. I have plans to attract more youngsters, to streamline some programs to make them palatable for more experienced members and to offer a respected voice when our “Rights” are challenged. I’m good at fixing things, and tend to surround myself with real experts in the fields I am dealing with. I do NOT claim to “Know Everything” but I sure as heck “Know” how to get those who DO Know, to work alongside me for the same goals. And for the AMA to grow in the way it should, we need that kind of leadership.

    I mentioned youngsters. I strongly believe enough is not being done to show them how challenging, and rewarding, model aviation can be. I’d like to develop an event, or events, that offer young people a chance to do something with their hands, and minds, and experience the excitement of watching something they’ve created soar! I eat, breathe and sleep model airplanes and run a successful hobby related business. Let me work for You and Yours.

    Our organization is “The Academy of Model AERONAUTICS”.

    Bottom line, if you’re tired of samo-samo. I’m your guy!

    Most Sincerely,
    Frank Tiano

    Frank Tiano also wrote:

    The REASONS I sought to be president were MULTIPLE. For Example:
    1- I'd like to streamline the Large Scale Airplane program so that pilots don't have to sign up every year for the same airplane they have been flying for the past 12 months. Just creates paper work and unreasonable expense, for everyone.
    2- One person alone CANNOT father a program for youth without an audience! I'm am SO surprised you don't recognize that Jay. The Prez. has a magazine column with 100,000 viewers, a considerable presence at Trade Shows and a mile high Soap Box! To get a youth program going you need the entire AMA behind you. Right now, they have ZERO!
    3- I'd like to see more insurance coverage made available, for those who run events and are WILLING to PAY for the premium.
    4- I'd lilke to see Event SPONSORS names allowed to be added to the Additional Insured List. They are NOT allowed currently.
    5- I'd like to see more "teeth" into how a person flying dangerously is reprimanded.
    6- I'd like to see a severe separation in applicable rules" between DRONES and Model AIRCRAFT!
    7- I'd like to see the AMA cater to fixed wing pilots to the SAME Degree as they currently do to Drone operators, thousands of who, by the way, have blatantly said they have no USE for the AMA's rules or procedures!
    Must I go on? How about this? I wanted to be President to be instrumental in EVERYTHING that needs to be done and HAS NOT BEEN! I know the president cannot do it by himself, but the proper leader, who knows WHAT HE's DOING, can be mighty helpful in leading the way. Of course I have an Ego. Most people that are successful in what they do KNOW they are successful. I've been doing this hobby thing for more years that most of the members are old, and I paid attention along the way, made lots of mistakes, and made some really good moves as well. I thought I was QUALIFIED for the position. The board thought differently and voted in their own. End of story. Hopefully this response may answer at least some of your questions?
  3. Not that it affects us up here in Canada, but I'm curious as to why Frank Tiano's Campaign Statement is not posted on the AMA site?

    Am I looking at the wrong place?

    Thank You

    Campaign Statements.JPG
  4. Krzy4RC

    Krzy4RC GSN Contributor

    He is not on the ballot...
  5. ChickenBalls

    ChickenBalls "Cool Guy"

    Ladies an Gents get your ballots in, need to be post marked no later than Nov. 8th


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