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Scale Bud Nosen 1/4 Scale Cub?


640cc Uber Pimp
Got the front wire brace in place. Hope it will hold up, as it is the structural integrity of the front cabin top. Has anyone got any advice? I plan on using a lock nut on it and glue! I also have a tow hook I'd like to use on this Cub, but I would have to leave the top fin off. I had to heat up the V-brace wire to make it fit right, as one side was a tad longer than the other. I've got the engine standoff bolts running through the back of the blind nuts for now. I may cut the heads off, or just keep it like it is.

I always thought the V-Brace was designed to eliminate side to side (roll) movement and was a seaplane add-on for many planes. . . I'll have to revisit the Cub design... maybe I'm just thinking of non-cub's. I'd think the wing struts are the main source of structural integrity for most planes - surprised there isn't more beefy cabin window post structure. Every bit helps!
I've seen a full scale Cessna 206 with a crack in the passenger door jam and the whole entire window post and V-Brace was loose causing scary excessive motion. Obviously this model has some unique bends in the V-Brace design to help a bit with hold down force.
Since I'm talking about things I've seen... I know a guy who put wings on a J-3 (decades ago) and left #2 pencils in the aft wing spar bolt holes and flew around....once discovered and the pencils were removed undamaged! Turns out that rear spar is mostly along for the ride. :oops:


The VEE on the Cub can be both directions, not sure what year they switched. Fairly sure the Super Cubs are an upright VEE. Attached are photos from the Piper museum with an inverted VEE, I believe this was an early version. At some point the VEE was made upright.


70cc twin V2
I think this kit uses the wire V-brace for both. It was pretty wiggly side to side before I added it, and there's not much, as noted, holding the top on. Since I added the wing tube, I hope it doesn't shift the stress point. It feels pretty solid now, with the brace.

That is some scary stuff. A full scale needs to be right before going into the air!!


70cc twin V2
Had a little time and worked on a removable tank mount for the Cub. Might use it or change it up a little.


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70cc twin V2
Haven't got much done lately, but I did fit the wing tube and make some donuts for the wing tube doublers I'll add when I glue the sleeves in.


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70cc twin V2
Got some work on the Cub done today. Got the wing tube sleeve cut up to proper lengths and installed the center section in the fuse. I also glued in F16, and used the left over ply doubler to add a front piece.


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