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Adding Flaps to the Hangar 9 Super Decathlon 100cc ARF

Discussion in 'Giant / Scale ARF Build Threads' started by JimD, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. JimD

    JimD 50cc

    If you have this model, or have seen one up close, you may have noticed that there are preinstalled mounts in the wing panels for flap servos and covers for these are included in the kit. We have modified two sets of wings to add flaps with great success. The first wing we tried this on was interesting because we didn't know what was inside or where to cut. After that adventure, the next wing was easy!

    Basically, measure 6" forward from the trailing edge and draw a line with a fine point Sharpie marker. Measure 4-7/8" out from the wing root and draw a line. Now cut along these lines with a razor saw. there are areas inside that have balsa blocks and will be harder to cut through, so be prepared.

    We used Robart 3/16" Super Hinge Points (8 per flap) with the shaft of the hinge entering the bottom trailing edge at a 45 degree angle. This allows for greater than 90 degrees of flap deflection with no problem. We ordered the Linkage Set (part # HAN107012) and used a set of the pushrod hardware to operate the flaps. This looks nice, works well, and matches the other pushrods.

    By carefully cutting, we were able to save the covering on the main part of the wings and slip our added covering in under the existing covering to finish the wing modification. We stripped off all of the covering from the flaps to make the internal modifications. Several extra ribs need to be added and a section for the flap control horn mount.

    Here is a photo essay of how we did the modification:

    101.JPG 102.JPG 103.JPG 104.JPG 105.JPG 106.JPG 107.JPG 108.JPG 109.JPG 110.JPG 111.JPG 112.JPG 113.JPG 114.JPG 115.JPG 116.JPG 117.JPG 118.JPG 119.JPG 120.JPG 121.JPG 122.JPG 123.JPG 124.JPG 125.JPG 126.JPG 127.JPG 128.JPG 129.JPG 130.JPG 131.JPG 132.JPG 133.JPG 134.JPG 135.JPG 136.JPG
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  2. Bartman

    Bartman Defender of the Noob!

    Nice work Jim!
  3. Dear Everyone, I am new to the forum. Happy to learn from you all as I am a green newbee. Peace!

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