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Alky6's Recent Activity

  1. Alky6 liked pawnshopmike's post in the thread The 'What did you do in your workshop tonight?' thread.

    Picked up a new camper last Saturday. 19’ Starcraft Bunk House. Been working on it all week. [ATTACH] First thing I did was re-wire...

    3B3C0F40-36D5-424C-A5ED-58B1A8976426.jpeg E6769B4E-2DFF-40CD-9E15-677C40CEBCEC.jpeg 3069F4C5-8C03-46AE-A84D-FC6D8A29F0DF.jpeg E1BADD8A-CDE7-4730-9DBF-8A5118431913.jpeg 58FB9BEA-359E-4D2F-9F1B-4ED34AFF80A4.jpeg B6D5545B-4643-4F09-B685-4A73902FC944.jpeg A87D0140-F596-4DBD-8B50-3443C9F41A98.jpeg 75E7E80C-0AEA-46B8-8F94-B1EB0BBA7F6B.jpeg Jun 22, 2018 at 2:51 AM